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Air sense is an essential component of freestyle skiing. Trampoline training is offered to improve the agility, coordination, strength and endurance necessary to safely advance Freestyle Skiing skills. Athletes are expected to have learned basic trampoline /tumbling skills as our freestyle trampoline program is focused on air maneuvers.

All athletes must have CFSA insurance prior to attendance.

Check out the currently running programs here.

We really encourage our athletes to participate in tramp to improve their “air sense”. If you are unable to attend these classes consider attending trampoline, gymnastics or diving classes at other recreational facilities. Below is a list of facilities offering tramp training which may better meet your timetable, location and general needs:

www.clubaviva.ca (has other classes by age group)


www.vancouvercircusschool.ca (New Westminster and North Vancouver)

www.nwpr.bc.ca (Arenex in New Westminster)